The Underground Hour Podcast

Episode 4 / Season 1 - The Siren Call of the Perverse - The Underground Hour Podcast

November 6, 2020

Mama Natalia and Chastity De Vice are joined by Mistress of Burlesque Noir Kerryx to discuss home cooling solutions, the politics of being an alternative performer in a conservative world, and the importance of making sure that your anus stays in your costume (unless it's on purpose). 


Hosted by Chastity De Vice, Mama Natalia and Kerryx.

Special Guest storyline performer Reuben Kaye.

Written and produced by Chastity De Vice and Mama Natalia.

Additional dialogue by Reuben Kaye.



Bella De Jac as Bella Jade Black

Rowan Fortune as Dunstan Kreutz

Charlie Douglas as the Celebrant.

Mama Natalia as Jasper Black/May Bea Sunshine/Belladonna Black

Ryan Rhys as Jerald Black

Pippy Scream as Bethany Black

Chasity De Vice as Alina Bellamantis

Kerryx as herself

and special guest Reuben Kaye as Raoul


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Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID 19 Arts Grants.


CW: The Underground Hour Podcast is strictly for adults only and contains coarse language and discussion of themes and concepts that may trigger or offend. Trigger warnings apply and listener discretion is advised.

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